Bringing Ragnarok: Saga of Six Friends


I'm Andrew Tanner, author of Bringing Ragnarok.

For some people, a story is just a story - read it, enjoy it, move on. For others, a story is a way to travel to distant worlds.

Bringing Ragnarok can be taken either way, but as someone who has always loved deep lengthy stories set in equally complex worlds, I work hard to bring as much depth as I can into my books. In this I (like so many other white men before myself, I'm aware) see Tolkien's Legendarium - Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion - as the pinnacle of epic world-building, and someone to emulate.

For those lore-obsessed readers like myself, and for anyone in the middle of reading Bringing Ragnarok and feeling in need of reference material, I am setting up this website as a simple, Wiki-style overview of the deeper world the Six Friends find themselves forced to fight in order to save.

Much of this is also spelled out in greater detail in the Appendices included at the end of Book One, but online summaries are easier for some.